Exhibiting at imm Cologne

by Lola Sanz

This international interior show, imm Cologne ,is going to be held from January 19th to 25th, 2015. It is an event that displays for visitors many furniture and products indispensable in furnishing sector for the business. The true is if you are really interested in this business you will find multiple ideas for every room, every style and every requirement.

Registration for this event will bring to you many advantages. A variety range of products in 2015 cover fabrics and exclusive textile for interior design.

Why attend? Participate as an exhibitor in this event is free. The organization try to make easier for you to get the advantages you can find in Imm Cologne 2015. The main advantages are you can use the calendar to display important dates as you start from a particular time, you can sort your dates, priority and category, and you can find the right people to help you to take the best decisions.

Imm Cologne Exhibition Stand

Here you can find out what can boost your business, at the same time discovering new solutions and ideas. In Imm Cologne 2015 the quality, diversity and internationalism you will live here are unique. Why miss an event like this? Remember that the latest furnishing that establishes the future will be part of the stuffs you can experience here.

About interior design this is the first show of the year, and it is a professional choice for those who love this industry. The impetus of the event is a source for inspiring interior design ideas for those who trendsetters.

Imm Cologne Booth


Lola Sanz

Project Manager in neventum