Bologna Children´s Book Fair showcases the most influential writers from around the world

by Manuela Sanz

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair is mainly one of the most important international events that is dedicated to the children’s publishing and multimedia industry. In this ever-growing sector, it is key to be up-to-date with all the publishing rights that are allowed in each country. Not only that, it is also wise to have and continue having direct contact between writers and providers, distributors and booksellers, printers and packagers and of course licensees and licensors. All these relationships are seen here to discuss book topics and discover new talent.

Bologna Book Fair

Every year this trade show selects the most influential journalists, writers and publishers worldwide. For about 1,200 exhibitors come from 75 countries and cater to the 25,000 international professionals every need. Its easy-to-understand layout brings only the best results to everyone involved. And keep in mind, all that you see is carefully selected.

Be part of that and send your first-class books here. And as you that, we will take care of you by presenting to the finest stand designers and builders in Bologna. With this fair and us, you will be a hit for sure.


Manuela Sanz

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