All about pets and for pets: Zoommark International

by Manuela Sanz

Welcome to one of the most exciting events for pet-lovers and the whole industry itself, Zoommark International, The International Exhibition of Products and Accessories for Pets. Held every two years in Bologna, you will be able to enjoy 600 companies whose products are fully ranged from food to entertainment, from health to transportation and everything else in between.

Zoomark Bologna Fiere

Stands are awe-inspiring since they welcome pets and every supply they need. You will be able to see a detailed version of everything you need. Making this event a hit with 23,000 trade professionals, it offers special areas such as V.I.P Lounge, New Products Showcase and constant network gatherings to boost and promote your winning products. Mix in with the rest of them and be under the spotlight.


Manuela Sanz

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