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"Whether you're planning a shop around the corner, or a display stand on the other side of the world, welkam knows the resources, rhythm and methods you'll need to get it right. The US, Europe or Asia, chances are we have been there and built it." Planning During the planning phase, we consult with you to define goals and budgets, develop an overall approach that fits the event, and develop a layout for the space. We also work out specifics like how to best present your product or where to position staff and materials.  Design We understand design as “the art, which makes itself useful”. Within the constraints of space, corporate identity, budget and technical possibilities, we design to attract visitors to your products and services. Order Form Support Events are organized by managers who provide infrastructural support, if you follow the right channels. Order forms, sometimes highly technical, must be submitted correctly and on time. We take the guesswork out of this process, so you get the resources you need. Production Planning and Supervision We keep all involved specialists informed and in sync, to make sure that production matches design visualiz­ations. We maintain detailed drawings and schedules to guarantee that everything comes togeth­er, and we super­vise the production to ensure that each item meets quality requirements. On-site Supervision The moment of truth. All components are delivered and assembled according to plan and schedule, often within a very short timespan. We are on site to guarantee that the result matches the vision and standards we have been preparing in the previous weeks. We also field any last minute changes or developments to make sure your space is ready when the doors open. Additional Services 
  • Intercultural Consulting
  • Design Appraisal & Refinement
  • On-site Supervision & Labour Coordination
  • Cost & Quotation Analysis & Explanation
  • Research & Reporting
  • Graphic Design, Production & Localization
  • Multimedia Production, Equipment
  • Catering & Staffing
  • Interpreting Services
  • Logistics

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