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From exclusively products of organic farming, TOUTBIO offers delicious, healthy and balanced, creations in the cool incomparable.

Respect for seasonality and authentic flavors combine with the selection of local suppliers and the definition of price measured.

For each of your events, natural rhymes with creativity autour of staged custom.

TOUTBIO reconciles ephemeral and sustainable by integrating events in a responsible approach.

Choose TOUTBIO, 1 catering certified 100% organic by ECOCERT®, is opting for the just balance of a cuisine refined, accountable and accessible.


TOUTBIO Associates elegance and sobriety by selecting for your event materials natural flax, the wood or slate. Find happiness to experience the sensations and the pleasure of touching materials noble and reassuring.

Development sustainable does not stop at the recipe. TOUTBIO is also involved in the protection of the environment through the art of the table proposed.

Conjugated to a restoration concerned to promote the authentic flavour of a product of quality, this approach to staging gives every project a responsible for dimension that your guests are sure to enjoy.

TOUTBIO Associates gastronomy, aesthetics and eco-responsible event.


TOUTBIO selects only products certified, from organic farming, guaranteeing quality and flavors of products.

To reduce the environmental footprint related to transport, TOUTBIO is only provides growers nearby.

Organic products are often associated with high prices. TOUTBIO undertakes to offer the right balance of a responsible and accessible in gastronomy :

• Adopting a comprehensive ecological approach

• Pooling conditions of production

• Adapting the quantities to the needs

• Taking the party to a reduced margin rate N 108502-94-01267


TOUTBIO supports WWF France in its efforts to restore forest in New Caledonia: 1 meals served = 1 EURO REVERSE.

In 2012, TOUTBIO, was originally able to support action by the WWF at height of 10 €000, allowing:

• Restoration of dry forests

• Support for the Conservatory of natural areas and the establishment of dry forest conservation programs

• The Organization of building restauratoires on ecological zones sensitive.

TOUTBIO and WWF France come together around a common will: Reconnect a link between man and nature.


TOUTBIO is certified by the approved body Ecocert®, the conclusion of a rigorous process with demanding criteria:

• The issuance of a licence attesting to the commitment of TOUTBIO to produce recipes meet the required criteria and the use of Organic certified products.

• The certification of each of the revenues generated.

TOUTBIO: Catering 100% Bio

Offices commercial 7, rue de Liège 75009 Paris T.: 01 80 60 35 58

Contact: Info@toutbio.TV

Headquarters and laboratory 6, rue Henri Dunant 94550 Chevilly Larue

Site Internet: www.traiteur-bio-paris.fr

TOUTBIO is a the Group Eurosites brand.

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Bureaux commerciaux 7, rue de Liège
Paris (France)
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