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Tasta’ M is a company which provides restaurant and catering services in Barcelona, Spain. Tasta’M was created in 1991 at Sant Cugat del Vallés. At its origins, Tasta’M used to exclusively provide catering services at private venues in Sant Cugat del Vallés, due to the success of its services, the company moved to Barcelona. There, with more spacious facilities and a privileged location in the center of the city Tasta M provides a high quality, varied and efficient catering services. The increasing demand of its services by companies and private individuals resulted in the consolidation of Tasta’M products. The company also provides it clients with Pica‘M line of products, this alternative is ideal for small and huge events. At present Tasta’M provides catering services to more than 10.000 customers between private individuals, corporations and institutions in Barcelona Some of then are daily consume products which are distributed in the majority of Barcelona districts. The company also provides group catering services outside Barcelona. Corporate special menus. Tasta’ M provides its customers with the possibility of enjoying very complete menus at exclusively convenient prices offered to daily customers and voluminous orders. Seasonal Menu (summer-winter) with constant news. A wide and structured range of options in different sections: salads, starters, main courses, barbecue, combined dishes, pizzas, sandwiches, capes, “llesques”, beverage and desserts. All the dishes are hand made prepared and intended for immediate consumption. Ideal for events, meetings, celebrations, courses, etc. Pica’M is the perfect solution for all kind of events. Pica’M offers a complete and wide rage of first quality small caprices.

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