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Created to aggregate, with the only thought back to exceed the expectations of each client, we work with what we do love and respect. Specializing in services and consulting in the food and beverage sector, we are always willing to adapt our services to your needs. The RP BUFFET values by force of the quality of their 4 (four) main service fronts. They are: > social events-Weddings-Birthdays-Wedding-shower-Graduations-Christmas Eve-new year's Eve Dinner/cocktail party/Breakfast 01-Valentine's Day/dinner for two-other > CorporativosPara your Events. (s)/her (s), Inaugurations, Celebration parties, award shows, product launches, conferences, lectures/seminars, trainings, meetings, receptions, fairs. Narrowing relations: company/employee/client work/company satisfaction.     -Welcome Coffee/Coffee Break-Executive Breakfast-Brunch-Lunch "In Box" Executive/Executive "dinner In Self-service Box"/-Self-catering Cocktails-Catering for productions and dressing rooms, offering meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner) complete, in the models "in box" and "remote places" self-service and difficult access to food. The RP represents more than a Buffet, represents an arm inside the organizational process of your event, reaching and meeting the needs of food and good relationship. > Collective Meals supply to Companies in the models "In box" and "If the company has a self-service Cafeteria". If the company does not have a Cafeteria and/or adequate Kitchen and want to add this benefit to their employees, the RP will be available with the consulting service. Since the process of analysis and viability of the whole process of site Assembly and operation. The RP has trained professionals for such a process and meet the strictest standards of quality, hygiene and operating cost, always seeking to achieve excellence in employer/employee/client relationship. Plus, of course, quality meals. Benefits for your business and employees:-most productive Team-higher level of satisfaction with the company and the job-reduction of absenteeism-control on the operation of the meal-lower cost for your company. Learn more at:> BarAtendimento service exclusive for your social event and/or corporate, small, medium and large. All the preparation, Assembly and operation of the bar is held by our professionals. Tailor our services to your needs:-Fairs, conventions and Exhibitions: Offers a greater visibility for your company in a professional manner, without losing the formality and elegance.-Openings, product launches, promotions and Actions: we work to collaborate in the promotion of your company or product. Acting as your need, whether in receptions with "Welcome Drink" even in external actions. With unique menus we are able to cater for corporate events, including holidays, cabins, VIP area and others.

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