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Single trailer where taste 11 Grands Crus, the Nespresso blends range offers a variety of profiles and aromas. Every Grand Cru is product of a complex selection process, blend and roast. The Grands Crus are categorized by size of Cup and level of intensity. You can enjoy a great cup of coffee that fits your tastes for every moment of the day.

It is a space dedicated to taste the best coffee blend Grands NESPRESSO Crus, in all its varieties, RISTRETTO, ESPRESSO, LUNGO, and may choose between a ristretto ristretto origin INDIA or an intense ristretto.

As thus also an espresso in its ORIGIN BRAZIL, ESPRESSO LEGGERO or ESPRESSO FORTE.

For those who enjoy a LUNGO coffee can select between a lungo ORIGIN GUATEMALA, LUNGO FORTE, or LUNGO LEGGERO.

Not to mention those which for various reasons they prefer to drink coffee ESPRESSO DECAFFEINATO or DECAFFEINATO LUNGO.

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