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Puntuan Katering is an experience that surprises for being unique. Our menu develops our guests ability of tasting and excites the five senses.  We care the nature pleasures and we reinvent tastes, textures, new cooking techniques and surprising presentations of the products.

Puntuan Katering offers a creative high level image that combines the cuisine knowledge that comes from the our ancient kitchens and presents a new, avant-gardist vision of the author´s cuisine. Our meals place us as referents in low demand catering. We have reached the catering: a catering at its best.  If our senses are limited, their possibilities are countless. Explore and enjoy. Our cocktails, with exact dosage of ingredients and the creativity without forgetting the traditional ones, are another pillar of the creative cuisine of Puntuan Katering. Puntuan Katering gets that everything that frames your event were an unforgettable environment. Our small fingers touch miracles at cuisine.

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