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Services of Melograno Forneria e Empório de Cervejas

The name is a homage to the foot of Pomegranate (melograno, in Italian) in the cozy cottage garden, surrounded by Mosaic tables.

And is the result of a happy Union between the delicious sandwiches and dishes prepared in a wood-fired oven harmonised with a selected letter of beers from all over the world.

The entrances to main courses and desserts, everything is thought to give you the pleasure of culinary experimentation in a very special.

The unmistakable aroma of wood lends a special flavor to over 15 different sandwiches on the menu. From selected ingredients like lamb, Mushroom Ragout, handmade calabreza, filet mignon, through unusual combinations like gorgonzola cheese, spinach and green grapes. Is mouth-watering.

All this combined with a letter with more than 150 labels of special beers of the world (Belgium, Germany, England, Spain, Scotland, Canada), besides the Brazilian crafts.

The environment was carefully designed by architect Mila Santoro and refers to the same time stripped décor and sophisticated.

The concept of Melograno Forneria beer Emporium and favours the comfort, the room for conviviality and pleasure of meeting of friends, family or a business meeting.

Located in the heart of Vila Madalena, rua Aspicuelta, Forneria Melograno, opened in December 2008, was widely praised by the gastronomic media and elected New Year, by the sheet Guide. With it, has become a reference point on the night in Sao Paulo, winning an audience selected and faithful to appreciate the flavors of the cuisine and the special beers.

Are five environments: a pleasant deck is the strong point from which to view the movement of the Vila Madalena.

The large central hall has sumptuous Windows overlooking the elegant garden. In the back, outdoor, a pleasant environment with a graceful fountain and round tables made in mosaic.

In the store, you can take home your favorite beer, try a new and complete collection of unique glassware.

The whole concept is also available for your event, at the desired location, within our operations in São Paulo.

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