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Más que Tortas (more than cakes) is a catering company that operates from Caracas, Venezuela. Mas que Tortas is dedicated to sweet catering for events, they design and decorate cakes of various shapes and sizes for any event. Mas que Tortas´ cakes are the result of the dedication of a professional team that puts its expertise and best efforts to create unique pieces. The decorations are made by hand by our designers, created by artisans and painted with edible colors and airbrushing. Mas que Tortas always takes care of every detail to ensure an unforgettable experience, from initial sketch to the finished cake. For your cakes bar, Mas que Tortas offers a wide variety to surprise your guests. Celebrate with Mas que Tortas at your booth a meeting with your clients, make your coffee breaks or select your Wedding Cake. At Más que Tortas you will find not only the most innovative designs in custom cakes but also the best quality. Find at Mas que Tortas, the widest range of fine pastry cake designs appropriate for each event purpose. Más que Tortas is the company you were looking for, to handle your next event. Mas que Tortas is the sweet bar for of next event.

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