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We are a startup of "Picnic completo Delivery" aimed at events.

Our service is the distribution of Welcome Packs and there we found that clients they react very positively if it welcomes them.

With our Welcome Pack help you to Act of "super host" with your customers, giving you small details that make great relationships.

That is why we want to introduce you to our case McArena:

A case with rich products national, after many months of search, we selected by your excellent quality. All of them are vacuum-packed and with easy to open so that they can be consumed comfortably.

For two

1. Ham black of Salamanca, 28 months of cure. 1x100gr.

2. Sheep cheese cured of Zamora, 13 months of healing. 1x100gr.

3. Peaks of bread Camperos de Huelva. 2x30gr.

4. crispy French fries with salt marina of Formentera and oil olive. 1x50gr.

5. 2 x plates 2 x napkins 2 x glasses

6. 2 x drinks to choose

I'm going to consider a very common situation:

Is your customer and you want that your stay is a unique experience and where to start? well, what better way with a welcome gift as the case McArena where all will be tested the delight for which we are famous in the whole world.

Because Here you intervene us!

We help you to be good host with our case McArena offering you a a rich rich price service.

What you? did you like?

If you are interested in that work together together, we will be happy to have a meeting with you, whatever your need.

Some ideas:

Welcome Pack

Pack VIP, Catering, events.

And what happens is we.

Try McArena and then we talk. Invite the House!

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