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You are planning a wedding, a birthday or have a family holiday planned? Waiting for friends and would like to arrange a feast at home a bit out of the ordinary? Rather than book often noisy and filled with expensive restaurants, or purchase expensive catering service you you can enjoy your holiday completely relaxed - all new in Ibiza! And used without the costs, commitments and stress. Hire simply Flying Pig Ibiza - the first catering service quality for piglets crunchy, whole lambs with Mediterranean herbs, crunchy ham legs or giant but tender and juicy turkeys! All products are here on the island and are delivered in our special barbecues Flying Pig. These delicacies are roasted before their eyes visible through the glass front and well-lit, directly on your terrace, garden or boat. All we need is two jacks with separate breakers (2 X 220V / 16A). These barbecues of steel and glass have been developed is manufactured in Germany especially for large parts and they allow guests to observe the spectacular performance of the barbecue. They will never forget this appetizing image! All our products come marinated in a mixture of 20 island spices that lend you this incomparable flavour - as authentically Ibiza. You will be delighted! In addition to our barbecue specialties you can order any lining for less money: eg. Mediterranean Ratatouille, white beans in tomato sauce with Rosemary and Sage, classic sauerkraut, sweet mustard or spicy etc. With Flying Pig Ibiza, you have the pleasure of the barbecue, the eyes and the palate, throughout the year. There are no open fire, neither soot nor coal. Does not need gas or cares about the summer ban organize a BBQ with fire: we work exclusively with electricity! Flying Pig special barbecue works fully automatic, quiet and clean. His specialties are ready promptly - always! And the prices? Everyone can afford Flying Pig. Our prices start at € 17,50 per person plus VAT and transport, Assembly and disassembly of door to door. We estimate about 500 grams of pure meat per guest - this not any restaurant will do so. And if it goes without anything after the party, will have the perfect ingredients for their sandwiches! Complete and you combine our specialties of quality with your favorite salad and bread freshly made, olives and cured ham, and later as dessert fresh fruit market or figs and cheese: the result will be a perfect party with their own touch that will be your guests talking for a long time. Flying Pig also offers new service private draft beer! You won't have to ever more loaded with bottles and fill the refrigerator of the House with them. Ask for just a barrel of 30 or 50 litres of beer from Pilsen quality next to a tiny machine dispensing German new generation without Co2 cylinders or tubes. Just plug it and in 20 seconds cool beer to 7th. Enjoy cold draft beer - which differs! Also new in Ibiza! Coffee specialities, by pressing a button. Cappuccino, Espresso, Café Latte etc., each Cup is made instantly with the freshly ground coffee in our Swiss machines. Of course, the coffee is here in Ibiza. do not want to carve yourself? No problem - simply hire a Flying Pig trinchador, for hours, just as you need it! We deliver our special barbecue Flying Pig directly in your deck, garden or yacht and collect it after lunch or dinner. You will not have dirt or use your kitchen. As if nothing had happened! Simply put a large Mediterranean table, and also be a guest at your own party! Because our hosts Yes can afford it! The minimum order is for 10 people - never has been more simple to have a great party with affordable costs - order your party today Flying Pig - you will love! A: info@flyingpigibiza.com or 0034 617069411 phone orders

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