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Empório das Massas - Buffet para Eventos Corporativos e Sociais

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The mass Emporium São Paulo has expanded its corporate know-how, if deepening and perfecting in Catering & Food Service, presenting solutions for addressing the shortcomings of the Brazilian market, with greater variety, quality Food and professional, with teams able to perform our services with excellence. Then we will present services, ideas and different programs to satisfy Since their best clients to all employees of your company. Surprised!
  • COFFEE BREAK/BRUNCH/LUNCH Perfect option for pre or post lectures, presentations, trainings or just to appease its employees. Productive employees are happy and valued. That, no doubt. And who eats something different, fresh, super tasty and with VIP service? Special menus are available for every moment of your company. 
  • GET TOGETHERS Whether for end of the year celebrations hit targets or new releases products, our goal is to ensure satisfaction, joy and good food and drink. For this type of event, in addition to having large Menu, we also offer local options (farms, ranches, clubs ...) and Marketing support creation of decoration and the like. Organize a celebration that in every detail express goals, ideas, motivation and personality, is also part of our goal.
  • FAIRS AND EVENTS We are living in the ' Digital Age ', and as we know, opportunities for personal contact are increasingly scarce, and often make good deals. We also know that, in many cases, take a client to dinner in good restaurants, excellent fruit yields. So much for the environment, but definitely the food. Because food nurtures, strengthens joins, attracts, ties, qualify and embodies. We do not offer only ' plus one (obvious) buffet service. We offer a new way to demonstrate the importance, affection, trust and jurisdiction you want to spend your client with a custom Menu for you. You can merge finger foods, saladinhas, salted fried or baked goods, pasta and a Tasting Menu selection. Try this new, mount your menu and make your event unique and memorable!
  • TASTING MENU It is easy to decide the menu for your event with the Tasting Menu. For each event, you can select from 4 to 8 different options of hot dishes, served in mini portions in ramekins or cumbuquinhas. Veggie menu, fresh pasta, meats, seafood, roasts, escondidinho among others, are at your service. See our menu.
  • LECTURES/WORKSHOP (Chef, Wine Sommelier and Beer Sommelier) Have you ever thought about offering a lecture to your customers or employees? And a Workshop, where they can not only understand a little more about the history and structure of foods, how can also put his hand in the cookie jar? And who knows a Sommelier of wines to add even more, explaining basics and harmonization? Have you ever heard of Beer Sommelier? With the great demand of craft beers different structures in Brazil, every day becomes more common to find types and different essences. Your company deserves this delicious and interesting event.
  • BATTERY OF THE SAMBA SCHOOL, SINGLE AND FLAG Provide visitors to your stand or event, a unique experience with the unique presentation of our percussionists. Surprise and attract customers with a Single custom and a Flag (flag) with the Logo of your company.
  • MOTIVATIONAL DYNAMICS As well as large companies, large schools of samba, are from São Paulo or in Rio, are composed of several departments (fantasy, evolution, harmony, rack, samba-enredo, master room & door flag battery), as well as in a company, they must be aligned to achieve a good performance. Drawing a parallel in a stimulating lecture in which all senses are stimulated, this dynamic aims to show the employee the importance of good individual performance, and group your responsibility with the overall balance within the company. Also take some more knowledge about the world of samba and invite them to participate in this exciting adventure in which composers, craftsmen, percussionists, dancers and master room and porta bandeira of dearest samba schools of São Paul will be present, inviting them to interact with their respective areas and create a small parade. Contact us without obligation for more details about this amazing dynamics.

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Empório das Massas - Buffet para Eventos Corporativos e Sociais
Rua Catumbi, 1213
Sao Paulo (Brazil)
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