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CoffeeBike is a company formed in the year 2011 with the aim of offering a quality service to lovers of the coffee in our country. It was born as a concept of gourmet cafeteria obsessed the search for perfection, constancy, reliability and elegance throughout the related to the Premium high-quality coffee, making love to our customers through the knowledge, our products and our expertise in the caption, all thanks to the passion and dedication that we put into this customary art, keeping the anxiety and concern of providing the customer a true experience; a cup of coffee, aroma, taste, preparation and history coming from the major countries that have consumed this drink for centuries, to promote the culture of coffee in our country.

Coffeebike candle and takes care of ceremoniously by every important detail in the preparation of a good coffee, making a cup of excellence through the following products and services:

Sale of coffee beans, coming from all over the world, rigorously selected different vendors who meet our high demands and standards of quality.

Sale of accessories, such as grinders, grinding wheels for grinding coffee beans of uniform and proper according to its method of preparation and sale of accessories for brewing, coffee in different ways with different intensities and attributes.

Coffee tastings, which are given to different methods of taste this BREW, showing the main differences between coffee beans Arabica and Robusta, under an impregnated historical context with certain romanticism.

Catering servicesfor mass events, seminars, weddings, or other purposes.

Our objective:

Offer a service category, cafeteria services for events, and trainings to customers who want to start a coffee shop, or simply people business that you want to become a true barista.

CoffeeBike is not just good coffee, but the passion for good coffee, and is in a permanent process of learning through courses of training, studies and empirical practice.

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