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Philosophy and Tradition My great-grandfather Karl Broich created our company. Since then we live and cook after our family prescription: „Perfection from passion”. Our secret: Delicate meals, excellent service and a good portion of courage for change. Finely, we connect traditional quality consciousness with innovative Catering concepts. This combination made us one the prominent Event Caterer in Germany. Premium Catering A wrong break in the napkin? An inattentive service? The freshness of the meals and the beverages are as important for us as the smile of our coworkers and the perfection of the table-ware. By the consistent conversion of these quality standards we became the primary member of the LECA (leading Event Caterer Association). Catering means to provide for someone. And this someone is you! Need us anywhere in Europe? For us no family company is too small, no firm is too large, no product presentation too extravagant and there’s no impossible location. Thus we not only arrange large Kick Offs in Lisbon, organized a golf tournament in Marienbad and fair Caterings in Paris or Milan but also some small family celebration in Wevelinghoven. Premium Catering: Is to make a celebration of every event Our kitchen Welcome to the world of our Kitchen Director Christian Willrich. He is native from Alsace, and famous for realizations like: The red pray Tabouleh and the Scampi Burger. He also has the special gift to compose not only kreolische Büffets and star level menus but also creative Fingerfood. Christian Willrich connects traditional and new german kitchen. Our locations Our Premium locations allow architectural delicate meals in the renaissance industrial style of the 1920´s. The charm of the old factory buildings, combined with a finest table laundry, board silver and crystal glasswork, is always a celebration for the eyes.

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