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Taking advantage of the increase in consumption of Cocktails, fresh juices ´ eDetox s, as well as greater openness on the part of the consumer paranovas experience the gastronomic level, the workshop of the Mojito comes to all family, all age groups are potential consumers of the product, Since it is healthy, fresh, innovative and tasty.

An airstream out Mojitos (alcoholic or non alcoholic) exotic flavours raspberry, Blueberry, mango, passion fruit or discretized with coffee, spices and vegetables;

Lemonades, using traditional recipes and recreating the same Gourmet emSumos and Detox with ginger, green tea, cucumber and raízesdesintoxicantes;

2 Drinks, 1 concept – all Cocktails and juices are served in MASONJAR/Jam jars, being forbidden the Atelier of the Mojito has plastic solution.

Take the culture and bar service to events, providing the same standards and quality of a physical bar.

Location: the best of the Atelier of the Mojito's which of your events in any part of the country.

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