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6sensi is more than a catering service, 6sensi is the pleasure of seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling will realise your dream.

Thanks to our creativity your desires will become real. 6sensi, with its consultants, will help you to create a tailor-made event, offering you either the classical choices or the latest lifestyle trends. All your 5 senses will be stimulated and they will concur to shape your event. Each sense will be essential to turn the event into a special and successful occasion. But we have also fashioned a Sixth sense which will exceed your expectations.

Sight Pictures will help you to remember your event and share it with all your friends on the Internet. Taste The flavour of our unique cuisine will satisfy and impress your guests. Hearing Music will create the right atmosphere for your event. Touch The most beautiful locations and the elegant settings will contribute to making your event unforgettable. Smell Astonishing flower arrangements will decorate the venue. Sixth sense The 6th sense will give additional value to your event: Art, in its various forms, will make it an extraordinary and impressive experience .

6sensi staff will awaken your 6 senses!

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