The blacklist of stand builders!

por Alberto Sanz

We like Rock&Roll, to have fun, and, above all, we like transparency; so, we will start this list - which we hope will be brief, although we fear it will be veeery long - where all those builders and mythical names that apperar in every ugly mess (and scams!), like Leonardo Debastiani or the Cañoles Brothers (Hermanos Cañoles), will be included!

In this list you'll find those stand builders who:

  • we know, firsthand, have charged for a stand that has never been built;
  • create stand construction companies in order to "contact" new exhibitors and offer them prices below the market standards, without even knowing how to use a hammer;
  • have ceased to pay to another provider, agency or company the work performed on a stand or related to customer management.

The source to include companies in this list will be:

  • our own experience
  • firsthand information from suppliers, agencies and exhibitors

How do we verify the information?

When someone comes to us asking to include a stand builder in this blacklist, we will ask for information regarding the case and we'll personally contact the builder. We'll only publish the information when we're completely sure of its veracity.

You can send your candidates to:

Stand Builders you shouldn't trust!

Hermanos Cañoles // Cañoles Brothers

Let's inaugurate this section with the saga of these Chilean brothers (Mauricio and Gabriel) that, after setting up several companies in Chile (Bloque Producciones) and hurt the southern continent, came up for a couple of years, setting up ghost businesses in Delaware to defraud anyone who exhibited in the United Stated. Among their brands: Wapi Wapi Exhibitions, BoothBomb...

Leonardo Debastiani

We want to believe that Leonardo doesn't act on bad faith (like the Cañoles), but in his eagerness to make money he takes advantage of everyone and between the lies and all the companies that he closes down the road (without ever returning the money of the advances), he has become one of the most dangerous builders with whom you can come cross. Among his brands: Milchareck Exhibitions, Towers UK, Debastiani, ....

Other sadly dangerous names

  • V2Exhibitions
  • IziBooth

We will continue to add names ... (unfortunately!!)

Alberto Sanz

Alberto Sanz

CEO in neventum