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Choose the perfect location for your stand

Did you know that there's a scientific evidence that, instinctively, most visitors turn right when they first enter the fair?

If you need more advices in order to choose the perfect location for your stand, you're in luck: we'll help you make the most of your next trade show!

First things first!

Three factors that will condition the choice of your exhibition space:

  • your budget
  • the size of your booth
  • the sector of your company

What should you consider?

Variables dictated by the type of venue

You've probably already visited a fair. Then, you know that normally, the venue is divided into a large reception area and the exhibition area, with wide and long corridors, which gives that grid feature to the fair.

Depending on the site, it can have two floors or several pavilions. Everything, absolutely everything, affects the final price of the space that you rent. For instance, exhibiting on the first floor will always have a higher cost. Likewise, the price will also vary depending on whether it is an interior or exterior space.

That's why it is important that you know, among other things, which are the best hot spots of the venue.

Hot Spots

  • near the entrance (I said "near", not stuck to it, that's a bad idea...)
  • next to main traffic routes: passing areas
  • rest and leisure areas, such as bars and restaurants
  • next to spaces for conferences, demonstrarions or special activities


  • architectural elements such as columns and pillars that obstruct the visibility of your stand;
  • the entrance. Although it may seem tempting, the fact is that these tend to be areas where - mostly in large fairs - people accumulate and get nervous about getting to the main areas... so, if your booth is located right in the entrance, people may simply pass by...

Marketing strategies

Situate yourself next to your competitors and other companies of your sector is positive, because the visitors that come to that area are already doing it with a predisposition; they're interested in your type of products or services. This is what we call a favorable public.

Keep in mind that nowadays, most fairs already divide the exhibition space by sectors, since it is more confortable for the visitors.

Stand size and relationship with other stands

Once you have chosen your area, you must choose what type of stand you need. The types of stands that exist, according to their location, size and position regarding the other stands, are the following:

  • Island: it happens when the stand doesn't share any of its sides; which means that it can be accessed by the four sides (4 aisles). These are usually the most colorful stands, the biggest and of course, the most expensive ones. The minimum measure is around 36m2 (387 sq ft).
  • Peninula: connected to another stand only by a wall, which is usually the back wall. Although they may be somewhat smaller than the island stands, they also occupy the best areas of the enclosure.
  • Corner: are those that remain on the edge of an area and share two of its walls with other stands. Its size can vary but, generally, are more economic and can be located on areas of variable traffic.
  • Interior: these stands share three walls with their neighboring stands, so that they have only one access. They're the smallest spaces that we find in a fair, and of course, the cheapest ones. They're spread all over the venue, so getting a good place will depend on how quickly you reserve your space. They usually measure at least 9m2 (97 sq ft).

Again, setting goals: the golden rule!

At the risk of becoming "heavy", remember that in other posts we have already discussed the importance of planning and setting goals, (among other things), because they will help you decide the size of your booth, the type and, finally, its location.

In addition, it is also a good idea to contrast your needs with your budget. It isn't worth it, for example, to book a huge space if you really don't plan to build a big and atttractive booth.

Surely, with these tips and examples, you'll find the perfect exhibition space! And, when that happens, remember that in neventum we can introduce you to the best stand designers and builders, regardless of your booth size or the city where you're going to exhibit.

And remember: consult the fair's map as soon as it is published and reserve your space: the best spaces fly... be fast!

Silvia Olmo

Silvia Olmo

Editor in Chief in neventum